Science and innovation with a purpose

Physical Pharmaceutica leverages its multi-disciplinary expertise to design, perform and interpret experiments and computational results to solve challenging problems for which one-size-fits-all approaches do not work.

Physical Pharmaceutica specializes in project specific, non-conventional R&D utilizing a cutting-edge suite of proprietary technologies and targeted data analysis and modeling.

Our mission is to solve high-impact pharmaceutical R&D problems for which other methods or approaches fail.


Our focus is on science and innovation that produce results.


Our philosophy is that data and information must be useful for project development or regulatory evaluation.

Unique to Physical Pharmaceutica

Our unique capabilities and technologies are not available anywhere else. Our expertise is high-level and cross-disciplinary, ranging from pharmacy and biopharmaceutics to material science such as physics, chemistry, and engineering. By leveraging our expertise, we will work to solve YOUR problems. Our application experience includes formulation design, solubilization strategies, in vitro release test design, data modeling, and data analysis. Our clients include both the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

    • Exclusive to Physical Pharmaceutica
    • Mature technology, reproducible and robust
    • Numerous applications where conventional methods are not suitable
    • Credibility with FDA – release and distribution testing in submitted ophthalmic ANDA

    • Specialized, problem-specific physical models and computational implementations
    • Meaningful, biorelevant interpretation of data
    • Bioequivalence experts – release, distribution, and globule size analysis for ophthalmic ANDA filing

    Physical Pharmaceutica utilizes its niche expertise to design and perform experiments and interpret results to solve challenging R&D problems where one-size-fits-all approaches do not work.

    President and Chief Scientific Officer

    Robert A. Bellantone, Ph.D.


    Robert Bellantone is a founding partner who has overseen technical and development activities since 2007. Dr. Bellantone is believed to be the only scientist who holds a Ph.D. in physics and is also a registered pharmacist.

    Dr. Bellantone is an expert in the material science of drug formulations and biopharmaceutics. He has developed and patented novel technologies for drug delivery and evaluation of complex dosage forms. He also acts as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, and as an expert witness in pharmaceutical litigation in areas including formulation science and biopharmaceutics/pharmacokinetics. Dr. Bellantone also holds the rank of Professor Emeritus in the College of Pharmacy at Long Island University, where he has graduated 29 Ph.D. students.