Pharmaceutical research & development leveraging world-class expertise and patented technologies

Formulation design and development Biopharmaceutics Pharmacokinetics  Testing and evaluation Data analysis and modeling

Cutting-edge technology for pharmaceutical applications

  • In vitro dissolution/release tests
  • Drug-protein/polymer binding and release kinetics
  • Distribution in complex dosage forms
  • Spring & parachute screening for supersaturating formulations
  • Physiologically relevant dissolution/release testing and analysis

Complex system physical modeling and analysis

Results and business opportunities

  • Develop in vitro comparative testing for BE and QA
  • Dosage form, solubilization, and bioequivalence design, testing and evaluation
  • New manufacturing technologies for amorphous solid dispersions (patents pending)
  • Ophthalmic and nasal products  in pipeline- ANDAs and NDAs

Alliances and business opportunities

Innovation with results.

Since 2007, Physical Pharmaceutica has developed solutions to problems for which existing technologies and one-size-fits-all approaches do not work.

For example, Physical Pharmaceutica innovations were key components in a filed ANDA for cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion (a complex ophthalmic product).

  • In vitro release testing
  • Drug distribution in the formulation
  • Bioequivalence analyses of the drug release, drug distribution and globule size distribution

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